Bridal Services

It’s your wedding.

You and your finance’s special day and you want everything to reflect who the two of you are. The church, the venue, your clothing (the dress!). All of it. Your vision, and your style. Especially with the way you look. Walking to meet your fiancé, you want to be beautiful, memorable, and to take your love’s breath away.

At Fringe and Foundation Studio your wedding is as important to us as it is to you. We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful, wearable hairstyles and makeup that will reflect your personality, your style and dress.

You can find us on the Wedding Wire and The Knot. Or click here to check out our full portfolio of work.

Offer to brides:

You trusted us to make you your most lovely on your wedding day, so why not trust us to keep you looking your best all of the time? All of our brides, their family members and bridal attendants receive a thank you gift of 10% off all hair services, every time you or they visit.
To claim this offer, your bridal hair and makeup services must be scheduled with us. This offer is good only on hair services other than bridal.

Ready to book?

Thank you for your interest in bridal services from Fringe & Foundation Studio.

We are happy to accommodate your party here at our spacious salon. You may also invite your photographers and, if you need to, you can change into your gowns here. Or, if you prefer, we can bring the salon to you! Fill us in on the details and we will make it happen.

We do offer trials for both hair and makeup a la carte. They are recommended, but not necessary. For this reason, they are an additional cost separate from the bridal services. Trials are offered in salon only. You are encouraged to take photos for reference so that you may decide which suits you best.

Many brides want their nails done and we offer a ten (10) percent discount on our nail services for the bride, her attendants and family. Nail services are performed the day before the wedding. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to have your nails done and we will reserve the day for you.

Upon contacting us, we will send you a contract and service agreement form to collect all your information. The information you provide allows us to amply and correctly schedule your wedding day services. For your convenience, there is a copy of the contract here for you to view.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we will be happy to answer them.



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